The Swala Nyeti Network is a growing network of innovative tech-savvy law firms in East Africa. Swala Nyeti was founded and is currently sponsored by Harry Karanja & Company Advocates, Kenya’s pioneer, paperless law firm. Understand what makes our organization tick before submitting your application.

Our People Embrace our Core Values

  • Speed

  • Attentiveness

  • Excellence

  • Innovation

  • Ambition

Our solutions are tailor-made to solve the problems of our clients using language that is plain and simple and fees that are affordable and flexible

Every experience of every member of our team becomes part of our story, enriching our approach to crafting legal solutions to our clients.

Our people are valued. We place incredible effort in matching people’s skills to the task at hand and ensuring that they have opportunities to grow in their careers.

We reward success with financial reward, appreciation and recognition and access to challenging assignments.

There are currently no vacancies. Please check back regularly.